How We Travel To School

Do you want to collect information on how students travel to school?

Do you want to do this in the simplest way possible - a 'hands-up' in each class with the data automatically collated?

Do you want the choice of collecting one-off information, or extend it over a period of your choice?

If so, then use these 'how we travel' pages!


  1. login
  2. select your class
  3. select the date you're recording travel for
  4. Do a hands-up and enter data into the web page there and then
  5. Retrieve the data

Don't have a login? If you are primary school use your Golden Boot Challenge login. If you are a secondary school please ring the Surrey County Council contact centre on 03456 009 009 and ask for 'school travel planning'.

Looking for the Golden Boot Challenge? Click here.

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